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How to Setup Your Website Domain and Hosting

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Looking for a quick step-by-step to get your site up and running?

In less than 20 minutes, you can have the foundation of your website set up and be ready to create that lovely representation of your business.

DIY Website DesignWe provide a PDF guide to our web design clients to get their domain and hosting account set up so they have control and ownership of that important information right from the start.

Following is pretty much the same step-by-step instruction with the link to the PDF at the bottom.

For you DIY entrepreneurs, this will be a quick method to get your online business location established and growing. At the end we’ve also included the info on how to get your free website builder installed with just a few clicks.

The Foundation of Your Website

Follow these steps to get your site name (domain) registered and purchase a hosting account.  These instructions are specific to the process with Namecheap, but there are other companies that will have a similar process which you could use as well.

  1. Go to and create an account if you don’t already have one, by clicking on SIGN UP in the top left corner of the webpage, entering in your info, then clicking CONTINUE
  2. Click on the top right corner to set the appropriate currency if it’s not already on your currency (CAD for Canadian currency)
You can have many domains redirect to one website. This is useful if you want to use more than 1 extension that visitors may enter in for your web address or to use other words for a domain name.
  1. Hover on Domains in the top menu, then click Domain Name Search ; type in your domain name with an extension (.com, .ca, .org, .info, …) and you’ll be able to see if your chosen domain name is available and a number of other possibilities with different extensions.
  2. Select the domain(s) you’d like to register by clicking the add to shopping cart button
  3. Now you can check out the hosting plans by hovering over Hosting and clicking on Shared Hosting or WordPress Hosting (new hosting option that automatically sets up WordPress — Beta version as of August 2017)
  4. Most small websites will be fine with the Value plan which supports the many files associated with WordPress and any other website elements that may be integrated. The hosting plan can be easily upgraded at any time. Select the length of time you’d like to pay for the hosting account; the US or UK Datacenter; then click on the Add to Cart button of the plan.
  5. Choose the domain that you have in your shopping cart to associate with this hosting account. If you have more than one domain, choose one of them and the other one can be redirected later.
  6. Enter in Account Contact Information, click Continue
  7. If necessary, change appropriate Whois Contact Information, click Continue
  8. Enter Payment Method, click Continue

If all went well you should have your hosting account information, which you should copy and save in a file.  You should also get the hosting account information in an email.

Build Your Site With WordPress

By logging into your Cpanel account (login info in your ‘Welcome’ email) you can install WordPress in less than five minutes. Once you log in, you’ll likely need to scroll down to the bottom of your homeWordPress screen and find the WordPress script under the Softaculous Apps Installer section, which will walk you through the easy-to-follow setup guide.

You can build your site though the WordPress Content Management System preferred by millions – especially website designers and developers. Fairly easy to get used to, super flexible, and no knowledge of code needed. Just add content with a few clicks and a bit of customizing and you’re ready for visitors.

Get your PDF version of this How To for easy printing and saving.

Happy website building! If you need help with any part of your website, let us know.

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