Our Values

Our Business Foundation

We love being in business.

Entrepreneurship is in our blood and in our spirit.

It’s our creative outlet. Even completing those seemingly boring administrative tasks!

Vision … why we created this business

To give flexibility in work. For our team and the businesses we serve.

Balance is our focus. We wanted to feel the balance that can be achieved by creating our work and are grateful to be able to help many people, businesses and organizations achieve better balance in their work, which improves all areas of their lives.

SOS vision collage

Mission … what we’re doing here

We provide small business and organizations with an external team of professionals to help with the processes of their operations.

Values … what we stand for

Collaboration within our team and with our clients – we know we can all accomplish more together than we can as individuals

Efficiency in our work and in the consumption of energy  – we’re aware of how business can be more ecologically and economically responsible.

Excellence  – exceeding expectations through the services we provide

Communicative – We are eager to teach and share as much as we can

Entrepreneurship for all – we have an entrepreneurial spirit that just gets brighter over time and we want to share that as much as we can. Building a business – big or small – has loads of benefits both personally and professionally. We want to help people get into business and see businesses grow – cuz we think it’s one of the greatest joys of life!