Pricing for Online Outsourcing

We do jobs big and small for our clients that fulfill a one-time need or cover the regular tasks to be done for their operation. Whether you’re looking for a professional to write-up a report, create a presentation, build a website or complete a wide variety of other administrative work, we can help you out at a price you can afford.

Below we’ve laid out a sampling of what some of our fees are in the form of packages and individual pricing for services. Online outsourcing is an economical method of getting your small business tasks done without the added expenses of hiring employees.

Example Monthly Package Pricing

We’ve designed a few packages that combine the most common monthly services. This will give you a good idea of what your costs would be when we work for you. You might find one of these packages fit just right for your business needs, but these package prices can also give you an example of what you can expect to pay for a certain amount of services.
When you contact us we’ll be happy to provide you with a unique monthly package price based on your situation for the specific tasks you need done.


Bookkeeping & Website Maintenance

A couple of favourites to delegate. And for good reason – why take up the time of the key people that generate income to do administration that is simple to hand off to the pros in the field?  Here’s an example of what we offer and the monthly fee:

  • Up to 75 transactions a month
  • 2 bank accounts
  • Government remittances
  • Weekly website checks for updates and functionality
  • Up to 2 hours of site changes and additions


The Books and Blog

Bookkeeping and online marketing services:

  • Up to 75 transactions a month
  • 2 bank accounts
  • Government remittances
  • Two 1000 word blog posts (or other written content for website) – two unique  images/post – written for SEO  AND for your audience

Administrative Assistance

General virtual assistance for a wide variety of administrative tasks:

$42 per hour for 1-4 hours per month
$37 per hour for 5+ hours per month


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