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The Personal Touch of our Virtual Office Services

So many administrative tasks, so little time.

The many big and little administrative jobs that need to get done properly to run a business can be overwhelming at times. Even with an office of employees, you may have tasks that just don’t get the attention they should. More importantly, it can be difficult to know what can be properly outsourced and what should have the attention of a direct employee.

Will the work get done as well when outsourced?

We’ve set up our business outsourcing process so we get the job done as efficiently as possible with top quality communication aids in place. Our virtual office services will be the perfect complement to your business. We’ll help you advance your business by taking on the administrative obligations so you can focus on the core tasks. Our clear communication aids will keep you informed through various means, so we can be sure you get the personal touch to your professional matters.

Our Administrative Services

Many of our administrative services are listed below. But we are also able to cater our services to your needs. Our team of professionals are jam-packed full of skills and are always eager to learn more!

Data entry
From written notes or basic documents. We provide formatting, proofing and spellcheck, entering raw data into a spreadsheet for ease of management for analysis and/or reports.

Database management
Maintenance and/or reports from your existing database or establishment of a new database to meet your current needs.

Data processing
Preparing reports or analyzing data for requested results, statistics, anomalies or summary documents

Creation of letters, newsletters, forms (including fillable)
Layout and formatting of body, adding letterhead/logo files or allowing proper dimensions to be printed on letterhead paper; preparing and/or sending out occasional or regularly scheduled newsletters; making forms on request either in editable document (ie Word, Excel or Adobe Acrobat) or as a jpg-printable file. Writing correspondence, contracts, reports and other documents

Get that polished look! We can make the document from your content and/or data, or edit your working copy to provide that professional display or sales pitch. Could include manuals, guides, PowerPoint or web-based training.

For written content or to aid in decision-making for products or contracting help. We provide options for purchase or contracting, which could include quotes and suggestions within the summary report.

We cover every topic with our information research for articles, reports or internal douments. We can provide raw research to an author or a polished result ready for publishing.

Audio or video files, hardcopy of written notes, meeting minutes, interviews or conversations.

Personal Assistant Services
Scheduling business and personal appointments, meetings, events and travel arrangements

Communications Support
Receiving and responding to emails, phone calls

Some of the more common programs we work in: Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Citrix, SAP, Enterprise, Apache OpenOffice, Basecamp, MailChimp

Let us Take Care of the Easily Outsourced Work

You’ll get the best virtual office services with us. Feel confident that your important business tasks are completed right and on time, to the standard you expect. Our professional expertise is what you’re looking for to get your business growing to its potential!

Want to know more about our outsourcing process? See how we manage our work and be assured that we’re always striving to give that special personal touch to everything we do.

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