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Human Resources Outsourcing: A Strategic Management Tool


We help entrepreneurs structure their businesses around what they do best. When you reduce the administrative clutter you can find creative energy that focusses on the revenue-generating activities that mean the most to your business success.


Small businesses effectively outsource many processes, but outsourcing payroll services and human resources (HR) functions are the most common. Especially for those undergoing a substantial change, like rapid growth or just starting up. Outsourcing differs from contracting as it’s used as a more strategic method of structuring an organization around what it does best, and leaving the administrative work to outsourced specialists.

We can assist your Human Resources Manager with an array of tasks or be your complete HR department and take care of all the administrative work of hiring and maintaining a happy workforce.


How we Help Small Business with HR Outsourcing

  • We assist with recruiting and hiring. Either taking on all processes or covering some of the tasks required to find and hire compatible employees
  • We manage employee concerns and activity. This could be in the form of consultation on legal and compliance issues, employee training, creation of an employee policies and procedures manual, managing terminations and transitions through consultation and/or administrative requirements, or creating an employee retention and rewards program.
  • We research and manage employee benefits programs. We have knowledgeable advisors that can set you up with the most affordable plans or we can manage benefit packages you already have set up.

As your business grows, you may have found that you’re spending too much time on administrative necessities instead of the big picture. You’re an entrepreneur who loves being in business and we’re happy to help you regain your focus and fall back in love with your business. You get to focus on providing value to your customers, just like we love to do for our customers.

You may need some short-term help or a long-term HR solution. We’ll partner with you to manage HR issues in whatever capacity suits your business. Outsourcing is considered to be an effective way to shift administrative burden. But no worries – administrative work is our sweet spot, no burden felt on our side.

We enjoy structuring our business around your administrative needs and you can be assured that we’ll provide you an HR solution that still offers a personal touch and flexible offerings.

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