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Get More by Outsourcing Marketing Services

Whether you’re looking for an external marketing team or just a savvy eye to take care of a few regular marketing tasks, we can adapt any of our offerings to suit your level of need. Our monthly marketing packages cover a range of business activities but we offer all of our services on a project basis to appeal to our clients that are looking for occasional expertise.


You want to stand out from the crowd. We can help


Outsourcing small business marketing is popular among start-ups and those in a growth stage. It allows for greater flexibility of cash flow and keeps overhead costs down. You can delegate the tasks you know need to be done so they don’t get procrastinated about and get the skill and experience cheaper than if you hired an employee. Most importantly, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that you’re getting that regular marketing boost every company needs.

Don’t let your marketing fall behind

We’ve got the talent and nurturing spirit to establish a solid presence for your brand and help you grow and thrive in your industry.

We do every kind of marketing, but here is a list of our most popular services and our marketing bundles that help our clients keep control of their monthly marketing costs.

Website Design

Get a simple one-page layout or a complex array of multiple pages, e-commerce integrations and eye-catching features. See more about our Website Design services below

Website Maintenance

Get us to do your basic updates of content or add new functionality to your existing site. Monthly Maintenance Packages available.

Content Marketing

Use the power of inbound marketing to get your ideal customer to find you. We offer a variety of writing services to cover the vast opportunities to reach your specific audience online:

blog posts


white papers

press releases

email campaigns

Social media management

Meet your customers where they are and establish a loyal following on social media. We can develop a social media plan that can be used by you or by our team to bring your brand to life and personalize your business. Let us create your profiles, monitor accounts, manage posting and interaction, and bring consistency to your online activity.

Creation of Marketing Materials

We'll identify your voice and bring your business personality to your brochures, business cards, ads, posters and any other unique avenue of marketing. Our graphic design professionals will work with you to create a unique representation of your business that stands out from the crowd.

website design elements

Web Design Services for Small Business

We specialize in websites for home-based entrepreneurs. Whether your target market is your local community or your customers span the world, we help you establish your presence online.

Take a look at three levels of web design packages to provide you with an idea of what you can get with us. All of our packages can be customized with economical add-ons to cover all the website needs unique to your situation.


3-4 pages of written content (e.g. Home, About, Services/Products, Contact)

4-5 customized graphics, includes custom header



10-12 pages of written content (pages noted in the Basic package with separate service/product pages, gallery, etc)

10-15 customized graphics; includes customized header and slider images

Setup of social media feeds on site

Set-up of contact and email sign-up forms

Blog setup – some of the page allotment could be used towards 400-500 word blog posts



20-25 pages of written content

25-30 customized graphics; includes customized header, slider images,

Setup of social media feeds on site

Set-up of contact and email sign-up forms

1 cornerstone content page (up to 2500 words)


All our websites for small businesses are:

set-up on the WordPress content management system

set-up with domain name emails

search engine optimized

followed with 30 days of technical support after project completion

always open to well-priced add-ons to provide just what you need

We can also configure much more functionality in your site with the use of dependable WordPress plugins (at a very low cost) or with customized programming.

Go to our Pricing page and see more packages for all of our outsourcing services.


The Personal Touch of our Virtual Office Services

So many administrative tasks, so little time.

The many big and little jobs that need to get done properly to run a business can be overwhelming at times.  More importantly, it can be difficult to know what can be properly outsourced and what should have the attention of you.

Will the work get done as well when outsourced?

We've set up our business outsourcing process so we get the job done as efficiently as possible with top quality communication aids in place. Our virtual office services will be the perfect complement to your business. We'll help you advance your business by taking on the administrative obligations so you can focus on the core tasks. Our clear communication aids will keep you informed through various means, so we can be sure you get the personal touch to your professional matters.

Our Administrative Services

Many of our administrative services are listed below. But we are also able to cater our services to your needs. Our team of professionals are jam-packed full of skills and are always eager to learn more!

Data entry
From written notes or basic documents. We provide formatting, proofing and spellcheck, entering raw data into a spreadsheet for ease of management for analysis and/or reports.

Database management
Maintenance and/or reports from your existing database or establishment of a new database to meet your current needs.

Data processing
Preparing reports or analyzing data for requested results, statistics, anomalies or summary documents

Creation of letters, newsletters, forms (including fillable)
Layout and formatting of body, adding letterhead/logo files or allowing proper dimensions to be printed on letterhead paper; preparing and/or sending out occasional or regularly scheduled newsletters; making forms on request either in editable document (ie Word, Excel or Adobe Acrobat) or as a jpg-printable file. Writing correspondence, contracts, reports and other documents

Get that polished look! We can make the document from your content and/or data, or edit your working copy to provide that professional display or sales pitch. Could include manuals, guides, PowerPoint or web-based training.

For written content or to aid in decision-making for products or contracting help. We provide options for purchase or contracting, which could include quotes and suggestions within the summary report.

We cover every topic with our information research for articles, reports or internal douments. We can provide raw research to an author or a polished result ready for publishing.

Audio or video files, hardcopy of written notes, meeting minutes, interviews or conversations.

Personal Assistant Services
Scheduling business and personal appointments, meetings, events and travel arrangements

Communications Support
Receiving and responding to emails, phone calls

Some of the more common programs we work in: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat, Citrix, SAP, Enterprise, Apache OpenOffice, MailChimp, and many more.

Let us Take Care of the Easily Outsourced Work

You’ll get the best virtual office services with us. Feel confident that your important business tasks are completed right and on time, to the standard you expect. Our professional expertise is what you’re looking for to get your business growing to its potential!

Want to know more about our outsourcing process? See how we manage our work and be assured that we’re always striving to give that special personal touch to everything we do.


Perfect to Outsource: Bookkeeping, Accounts, Payroll

balance your books, manage accounts: our team will take care of the numbersWe’ll keep your books in order and help you see the true financial picture of your business. Whether you’re looking to outsource basic bookkeeping or want a reliable service provider to cover all financial related processes, you can count on our team to give you the personal attention your business needs.

When you work with us you still have all the control. We can work within an existing program you have set up or start you fresh on a program that is just right for your business type and size. Our flexible and scaleable services will adapt to your business needs.

Below is a list of the financial services we offer.


We review your existing bookkeeping system and make recommendations based on your needs. We can set up local or cloud-based bookkeeping systems and gear your bookkeeping package to the number of transaction per month.

Accounts Payable

We can help out with the simple task of issuing cheques to being your dedicated AP department

Accounts Receivable

This can include billing, processing and recording income, tracking and collecting money owed.


Speak to us to get details on how we can customize a payroll program for you or work with your existing process.

Month End and Year End Reporting

Prepare all reporting necessary for monthly and yearly reporting.

Government Remittances

Let us deal with the government...we've got the experience to manoeuvre the sometimes difficult reporting systems for HST/GST, payroll and WSIB. 


Let us help you with monthly services whether it’s minor tax remittances or the time-consuming task of bookkeeping and reporting. If you don’t love the financial aspect of running a business, we’ve got the few special ones that love working with numbers and really find it rewarding to reconcile bank accounts and make those figures look good.

Want to know more about our outsourcing process? See how we manage our work and be assured that we’re always striving to give that special personal touch to everything we do.


training services page
We're always happy to take care of the tasks that our clients don't know how to do or just don't have the time for. 

But we also love to enable our clients to take care of these tasks themselves. Through our one-on-one training we help you get the knowledge quickly to:

  • take care of your website
  • create graphics
  • complete your own accounting, and 
  • do any of the many other business tasks 


Whatever your needs, whatever your business size, we give you the training that cuts out the fluff and gets right to the tasks that matter for your business success.

Most of our training easily takes place over the internet through screen sharing and one-on-one instruction. We train on any service that we provide and take an individual approach to each training project. We assess the skills already present and design the training sessions to be focused on just what an individual needs to perform the tasks properly and efficiently.

We’re not specifically training on software use, although software will definitely be part of any training we do. Our training sessions are more centered on teaching business processes specific to your business needs.

Want More Business Support? 

Steph also offers a coaching program for home-based entrepreneurs that can include technical training, but will also encompass weekly/biweekly calls, strategy plans for progress and lots of one-on-one support to motivate, inspire and help you be accountable. 

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