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Why Does Social Commerce Make it Easier to Sell?

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Do you ever feel uncomfortable selling?


Today’s shoppers are blasted with sales messages all the time. They are constantly hearing about how great this or that product or service is and they are understandably a bit jaded. So, how do you as a business convince them that they can trust your advertising?


It’s a lot simpler than you might think, but it means that you are going to have to consider your strategy carefully. Sure, pelting them with even more sales messages might lead to some short term gains, but it won’t do you much good in the long term.

Why Use Social Media?

Marketing is not about what you make or provide, but about the stories you tell and the relationships you build.


Building a relationship with a client is more work, but it will pay better dividends when it comes to the client’s lifetime value to your company. It is, after all, a lot easier to sell to an existing client than to attract a new one.


To get the relationship right, you need to move from a straight marketing focus to a more holistic social commerce focus. It’s something that big companies like eBay and Amazon have been getting great results at.


Social commerce encompasses social media marketing, but it also encompasses more than that. As an example, eBay takes this approach by using personalized eBay promos.


By offering a more personalized promotions experience for you, it makes you feel more valued and also increases the chances that you will take advantage of the promos. But it is not just promos it offers, it also provides clients with excellent support via social media and takes client’s feedback seriously.


You can emulate this strategy for your own business by being responsive to clients on social media, asking them for their feedback and then actually acting on this feedback. You should look at social media as your chance to really add extra value to your clients.


Provide content they would find interesting and useful, and give them plenty of opportunities to engage with you personally and your overall brand. Find out what kind of things your clients are interested in and focus on these.


By building a lasting relationship with your clients the ‘selling’ will come naturally. Right now is the high point of social ecommerce and it’s not showing any sign of being the ‘old way’ anytime soon. As you can scroll down through the infographic below, consider how you can position your brand on social media to get the best exposure to interested individuals and to nurture the relationships already started.


The more people know and trust you, the more comfortable they will be buying the valuable products and services you’re offering


For more tips on social commerce, read through the infographic below and click the image to learn a bit more about the importance of social networks in your marketing strategy.


Social Networks Ecommerce - detailed infographic



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